Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 6 - Highway 1 Adventure

Yesterday was a rest day n San Diego. A chance to chill out, explore San Diego a little and repair my aching muscles. A short ride around San Diego bay (60 miles) was the limit of the riding. I the bar in the evening I meet a guy from Milwaukee who used to work for Harley When I told him what I was doing he asked if I was riding a BMW and when i told him what I was riding he asked why. "Well I am riding HW1 in the US surely that should be done on a Harley?". "Hell no a Harley is OK for posing but if you are touring you need a BMW."

Anyway to todays ride. After a 6.30am wake-up call from my neighbours plumbing I was on the road early. I chose to ride most of the way to and through LA on the freeway. Frankly I need to cover some miles and the navigation was easier. In the cooler morning temperatures the freeway was more bearable than on the way down. A couple of hold ups meant some considerable filtering. The concentration required was draining as the temperatures rose. You should see what a queue it creates when you take a 5 lane freeway down to 1 lane. Drivers here have the same distracts as at home but this is coupled with a culture that in an accident the driver at the rear is to blame so I only need to take notice of what is in front of me makes filtering very risky. Anyway around noon i saw a sign for Sunset Boulevard which I knew would take me back to the coast road (eventually) via the famous Beverley Hills area. After a good view of how the other half live and a minor brush with a car while filtering (foot board on tyre) I was back on the coast between Santa Monica and Malibu. Now reaching the hottest part of the day the sea breeze was most welcome. As you enter Malibu the sign says something like "Welcome to Malibu - over 27 miles of silver sand beaches". Once again the American's have to do it bigger but it IS spectacular.

After  brief lunch stop the road starts to head inland to rejoin 101. A short stretch of the old road and the beach side is lined for miles (literally 10 plus miles) of RVs parked up. Looks like a gypsy invasion and occupation. And finally I roll into my hotel for the night with plenty of time for a swim, only problem is as much I try I can't get more than 4 strokes into and length! The hotel is a rather eccentric building with a beautiful central courtyard.

I have added more photos to the flickr stream which is linked to from here.

Tomorrow I head back into Northern California and frankly the best biking stretch of the road.

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