Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 2 - Highway 1 - Big Adventure

Wow what a day. Warm sunshine all day with a cool sea breeze, perfect riding conditions. Started the day with a ride up to Golden Gate Bridge, in my mind the start of the ride. Traffic into the city was pretty heavy and filtering on such a large bike was tough. Finally crossed the bridge which was as ever shrouded in a thin fog. A few photos and then turn around and cross the bridge again to start the ride proper.

The second you leave Daly City and hit the coast the spectacular views start. Hills, cliffs, beaches and surf. The road winds it's way along hugging the coast. Lunch stop between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz and a last chance to meet up with Paul and June (my hosts and base camp for the trip). Then it was on to Santa Cruz and the famous boardwalks.

The road from Santa Cruz to Monterey is less of a biking road and is dual carriage way for much of it's length but still has some great views in places. First overnight stop in Monterery.

I think that I am finally starting to get the hang of the Harley and managed a few respectable overtakes today. The trick seems  to be the opposite of ever other bike I have ever ridden. The approach appears to be to drop up a gear, get the engining running at what feels like virtual stall and then apply a massive fistful of right hand and after a pretty short lag it starts to pull. I also have the airhawk seat cushion installed which makes the seat a world better. Am I now in love with my Harley? Absolutely not but I am beginning to understand it better and I can see us becoming good friends over the comming week.

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  1. Hey Sean, glad to see you are on The Road Trip. Enjoy. Any chance of posting some photos? Just enough to make us jealous.
    Ride Safe,